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We believe design is all about connecting. Connection to art, connection to emotion, connection to the earth, and connection to beautiful living spaces.

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Freshwater Pearl

Sourced from eco-friendly, sustainable sources our Freshwater Pearl collection is appropriate for use in both internal and external areas of your home. Luxurious and expertly crafted, our pearl can be used to create dramatic and classic designs alike. All mosaics come in preassembled sheets with mesh backing for ease in installation.

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Terrazo Line
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Hand crafted in Vietnam, our Terrazzo is a Bespoke Studio exclusive. These 12×12 cement tiles are available in five variations and are hand poured and ground for a natural look.

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Terracotta Collection
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Hand crafted on the coast of Spain, Terracotta is recognized for the warm charm of its color variations and whimsical irregularities, which set it apart from other materials

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