The Story

About Bespoke Studio

We believe design is all about connecting. Connection to art, connection to emotion, connection to the earth, and connection to beautiful living spaces.

As sole distributor of Tiles of Ezra in North America, Bespoke Studio was born from a need: connecting an exclusive collection of organic tiles, handmade from all over the world, with showrooms, designers, and architects. Curating elaborate yet timeless lines, we join with our skilled makers in the creation of one-of-a-kind works of art.

Anything born of the earth will always stay current and spaces celebrating the textures and colors found in nature will always represent the “grounding” from natural, handmade products.

Bespoke Studio
Tiles of Ezra
Tiles of Ezra Layflat

The Brand

Choosing Tiles of Ezra

When creating a space, a design can move you. The very floor, when walked on barefoot can evoke a true connection to its earthen materials. Our artisan-made products authentically elevate any design while circling back to a connection (worldwide!) to the men whose hands shaped them.

Our wide-range of tiles and mosaics are hand-glazed, creating authentic hues and color variations. Since Tiles of Ezra promotes the sustainability of craftsmanship, know our fair trade policies endeavor to support and celebrate the cultures of these highly-skilled makers.

– Georgia EzraGet Inspired