Our Lines

Unique and Exclusive



by Bespoke Studio

These Morrocan-made tiles are crafted with the highest quality clay and exacting techniques to ensure exquisite results. Ranging from relaxed designs to the intricately constructed, all are handmade and produced by skilled, knowledgeable, artisans.


by Bespoke Todobarro

Hand-crafted by talented artisans from the coast of Spain, our beautiful Terracotta line celebrates warm hues. Charm and character are found from its subtle irregularities and rustic imperfections. Use this timeless tile to create one of a kind, stand-apart designs.



by Bespoke Studio

Hand crafted in Vietnam, our Terrazzo is a Bespoke Studio exclusive. These 12×12 cement tiles are hand poured and hand grinded to give them a natural look. Filled with natural marble, granite, and other recycled stone. Every tile is Unique in tones and variation.