Terrazzo Terms & Conditions

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100% Handmade Cement Tiles

All Terrazzo is handmade in Vietnam; these tiles must be treated/considered in a similar manner to a natural product. Each tile is different than the next, as they are made by hand, specific for your interior.

Shade variations are inherent in all handmade tiles. Variation in color, thickness, and size is to be expected. It is possible that the tiles you receive will be slightly different from the sample or display shown to you in the showroom – this is normal.

Goods are sold subject to their normal and natural color variations, and samples given or displayed in the showroom or received by mail are to be considered indicative only.

Tile Composition

Encaustic (pressed cement) tiles are made from natural materials including: crushed marble/granite, color pigment & cement.

Subtle color variations and mottling within each tile and from tile-to-tile are normal characteristics and do not compromise the performance of the tiles, but does add to their handcrafted appeal. Our encaustic cement tiles conform to production standard TCVN 6065:1995

Floor Application

Our tiles are suitable for use on residential traffic floors. Just like any handmade terracotta, depending on the traffic, special care may be needed. On floor surfaces, cleaning with a damp mop and mild soap is suggested. Always avoid the use of abrasive products containing bleach, ammonia and/or paint thinner. Never scrub with rough materials that may damage the surface. Our materials are intended for indoor use only. 

The client accepts that as these are a man-made product each tile is different from the next. This means each tile will have a varying slip rating.

Bespoke Studio does not recommend these tiles used as a floor finish in high traffic commercial and public external spaces if the client wishes for a consistent and perfect floor finish forever. Our tiles are handmade and will patina with age.

External Usage

Tiles are suitable for external usage however could fade with sun exposure, installing outside should be done at client’s discretion.

Wet Applications

Suitable for use in showers. Our tiles should not be installed in steam showers, saunas, or submerged water applications such as pools, fountains and water lines. It is recommended to prepare the surface with a waterproof membrane. Bespoke Studio will not be responsible for material failures resulting from use over a damaged, defective or improperly prepared surface and cannot be held responsible for replacement of tile used in areas with complete water submersion including, but not limited to pools & fountains.

We recommend the installer to treat the laid tiles with an additional layer of sealant to the surface of the tiles to prevent exterior damage and to enhance the lifetime of the color and longevity of the tile.

Tiles should be retreated/re-sealed each year

Tiles should not be laid in areas (internal or external) that reach freezing temperatures for lengthy periods of time. Bespoke Studio will not be responsible for material failures resulting from freeze thaw, and failure of tile by water damage in these circumstances.

We assume that the tiler has full insurance and capabilities when laying our tiles. It is recommended to use a seasoned artisanal tile installer to help eradicate issues to help ensure a seamless application. We take no responsibility for damages caused to our tiles due to improper and faulty installation methods. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Please ensure you discuss the design of your project and your expectations with the tile installer. Proper installation will only be warranted by your installer’s knowledge and use of this product. You must only use a professional artisanal tiler for installation. They should fully understand the nature of this product. If you have any doubts about your installer or the product, please reach out to us before you begin installation!

Use on Countertops

In the case of use on kitchen countertops or working surfaces we always recommend to seal appropriately due to the acidity of liquid spills. Acidity in products being used on the table and excessive heat from kitchen utensils may damage the surface of the tiles. If using around a fireplace or near a stove (such as a kitchen backsplash), care should be taken that our tiles are not exposed high levels of direct heat or open flame.

Shipment Inspection

It is the responsibility of the client or client’s representatives to thoroughly inspect deliveries upon receipt. Bespoke Studio is not responsible for any issues that arise due to improper installation or care. **DO NOT LET THE BOXES GET WET** If moisture permeates through to the un-sealed tiles this may result in staining or efflorescence. It is important to check that received tiles match what was ordered and that nothing was damaged. All damage claims must be made within five (5) business days of receipt. If the order was shipped “collect” then the damage claim must be submitted by the party that paid for the shipping. Bespoke Studio will not accept any claims of wrong tiles. Do not install tiles if the material does not appear to be what was ordered, please contact our office as soon as possible if any question or concern

Bespoke Studio will take no responsibility for tiles not inspected and installed. Returns must be approved by Bespoke Studio and are subject to a 30% restocking fee and freight back to Bespoke Studio Warehouse.

Sealing of Tiles

We recommend having the tiles resealed once installed. Please contact the Bespoke Studio team for suggestions of sealants suitable for your specific tile of choice.

Before use of any sealant always read the product directions and carry-out a test on un-laid pieces or in an inconspicuous area to determine desired effect and ease of application.

Sealers will need to be re-applied at intervals recommended by the manufacturer depending on quantity of foot traffic, cleaning frequency/method and amount of UV light exposure.

Encaustic tiles may be used in covered, external areas when correctly installed & treated, however some colors may possibly fade over time with exposure to high levels of UV light. Using an appropriate UV resistant sealer may assist. Consult us if your external application will be subject to regular frost conditions.

Please contact the Bespoke Studio team for suggestions of suitable sealants for your specific tile of choice. 


To accommodate variations in tile sizes, wedge spacers can be used when needed to keep tile lines straight. There will be inconsistencies with grout joint thicknesses due to the handmade nature of the material. We recommend grout color to match or slightly lighter. An un-sanded grout is recommended for our Terrazzo tiles.


Please treat all our tiles as a natural material, do not use any harsh abrasive cleaners on our products.

Regular normal maintenance cleaning is recommended using an appropriate pH-neutral cleaner (e.g. cleaners ordinarily suitable for natural stone & terrazzo floors). Never use abrasive cleaners, chemicals or bleach as over time these may affect the natural color pigments of the tiles’ surface. Before use of any cleaner, always read the product directions and carry-out a test clean on some un-laid pieces or in an inconspicuous area to determine desired effect and ease of application.

Bespoke Studio takes no responsibility to damages to the tiles caused by the client using abrasive cleaners, scouring pads and other strong cleaning products on our tile product. 

Please contact the Bespoke Studio team for suggestions of suitable cleaners and for maintenance instructions for your specific tile of choice.

Order Process

All orders must be received in writing to customerservice@bespokestudio.com


Acceptance of the sales order is done by submitting payment in full via check or credit card prior to shipping. Orders paid for by check will not be shipped until the check is received by Bespoke Studio accounting.

Deposit of Payments

Production of order will not commence until the amount due has been paid.


Customers are asked to select carefully as Bespoke Studio does not issue refunds. Damaged/Faulty goods must be reported by emailing customerservice@bespokestudio.com within 2 days of receiving the goods.

Order Alterations & Cancellation Charges

Requesting changes to an order, once already confirmed and paid for, will need to be put forward in writing and is subject to approval.

Cancellation on an order will not be refunded.

Bespoke Studio will not take responsibility for any breakages/damages after the order has been delivered in good condition. We are not responsible for any delivery delays after the order has left our warehouse in Santa Rosa Beach, FL due to any circumstances beyond our control.

Bespoke Studio acts as a tile supplier only, we are happy to assist in calculations of square foot areas needed, however Bespoke Studio takes no responsibility in the incorrect calculations when assisting. It is up to the client or interior designer to confirm with our calculations or present us with final calculations for their project.

Bespoke Studio recommends placing a minimum addition of 10-15% wastage for each order.

Privacy Policy

Bespoke Studio is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information we collect in relation to you is kept strictly secured. We do not pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our newsletter and to personalize your shopping experience with us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or worries regarding your order, please feel free to email us at customerservice@bespokestudio.com, or visit us at, www.bespokestudio.com.


In the unlikely event of product failure, Bespoke Studio will repair and/or replace, at its discretion, the affected area of the materials at a cost not to exceed the original square-foot cost of the portion of the material shown to be defective. All claims must be submitted to Bespoke Studio before tearing out and re-install begins. Bespoke Studio will not be responsible for material failures resulting from use over a damaged, defective or improperly prepared surface, or any area where installations is not recommended such as outdoors or commercial areas. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or cracking due to structural movement, excessive deflections or other failures in the substrate or framing, including damage resulting from weather, flood, fire and acts of God.