Medium Sample Box


Tile samples are 4in x 4in x 0.38in

Add any of our mosaics to your sample selections by adding a Mosaic Sample Box to your order.

Select up to 5 sample colors below.

2x6 Ash Grey

2x6 Clay

2x6 Clear Sky

2x6 Duck Egg

2x6 Dust

2x6 Latte

2x6 Moss

2x6 Snow

2x8 Snow

4x4 Ash Grey

4x4 Avocado

4x4 Black

4x4 Blood Red

4x4 Blue Grass

4x4 Blue Grotto

4x4 Chefchaouen

4x4 Chocolate

4x4 Clay

4x4 Clear Sky

4x4 Cobalt

4x4 Cool Breeze

4x4 Dark Green

4x4 Dark Grey

4x4 Duck Egg

4x4 Dust

4x4 Eggplant

4x4 Forest

4x4 Jungle Red

4x4 Kermit

4x4 Latte

4x4 Lilac

4x4 Manuka

4x4 Moroccan Pink

4x4 Moss

4x4 Mushroom

4x4 Mustard

4x4 Peacock

4x4 Poseidon

4x4 Powder

4x4 Royal Blue

4x4 Rust

4x4 Snow

4x4 Teal

4 Inch Loose Picket Tile - Duck Egg

4 Inch Loose Picket Tile - Dust

4 Inch Loose Picket Tile - Snow

4 Inch Loose Picket Tile - Moss

Mexican Saltillo