Mosaic Sample Box

From: $25.00

Mosaic tile samples are 6in x 6in or 8in x 8in sections. Add any of our 4×4 tiles samples to your selection by adding a Small or Medium Sample Box to your order.

Azrou Mosaic Tile - Snow

Berkane Mosaic Tile - Snow Cross and Avocado Star

Casablanca Mosaic Tile - Dust

Casablanca Mosaic Tile - Snow

Octagon with Dot Mosaic - Clay Octagon and Snow Dot

Safi Mosaic Tile - Star is Clear Sky, 2x2 is Snow and Lines are Clay

Sale Mosaic Tile - Snow is Hex and Clay is Star

Taza Mosaic Tile - Snow and Dust

Tetouan Mosaic Tile - Unglazed Clay Line and Dust Fill

2x2 Inch Pieces in a 12x12 Inch Tile - Dust

2x2 Inch Pieces in a 12x12 Inch Tile - Snow